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Partner program

One of the key succes factors of Aeolis Forecasting Services is the wide range of forecasting solutions, each with their own price-quality ratio. Every electricity market has its own requirements in terms of penalties for deviations between  forecast and actual production. Usually the penalties increase in time, with stricter requirements as the total installed capacity puts a larger strain on the infrastructure. Hence the requirements on the forecasting solution will increase in time as well. The Aeolis forecasting solutions cover the entire range from low to high requirements.

local markets 

To follow the development of the electricity markets closely Aeolis is working with local partners. They know what forecasting solution fits the requirements of current and future markets.

local partners

Aeolis has local partners in Spain, Turkey and Colombia. Expanding their business to other parts of the world, Aeolis is looking for partners in local electricity markets with a strong network and experience in the field.